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Запуск остановка esxi

23 ноября 2015

Using the ESXi command-line utility vim-cmd to power off the virtual machine

  1. On the ESXi console, enter Tech Support mode and log in as root. For more information, see Tech Support Mode for Emergency Support (1003677).
  2. Get a list of all registered virtual machines, identified by their VMID, Display Name, and path to the .vmx configuration file by running this command:

    vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

  3. Get the current state of a virtual machine by running this command:

    vim-cmd vmsvc/power.getstate VMID

  4. Shutdown the virtual machine using the VMID found in Step 2 and run this command:

    vim-cmd vmsvc/power.shutdown VMID

    Note: If the virtual machine fails to shut down, run this command:

    vim-cmd vmsvc/power.off VMID

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